We are privately owned and actively managed by Sylvia Jauer and Jeffrey Jauer. We can provide the capital you need and the personal service you deserve.

Funded Same Day.

We have managed A/R for over 23 years. We have learned to expedite the collection process and can work with you and your customer to get invoices paid in a timely manor.

We have access to virtually all credit bureaus to help you screen potential clients. This is offered as a free service to our clients.

What our clients say:

I've been working with PFI for about 14 years. I sell a line of products to several large handicraft stores but the orders vary in amount and do not come on a regular basis. Factoring allows me to pay my suppliers promptly and make payroll weekly.

DJR -Manufacturing
New Braunfels, Texas

I took over my father's business when he passed away. He was mostly a one-man business with a few temporary employees. He had a few regular customers but was pretty much satisfied with the level of business he was doing. I felt that the business could be greatly expanded but I did not have much working capital and being a woman in field dominated by men I was at somewhat of a disadvantage. To compound the problem because of some past medical problems my credit was not too good. I was referred to PFI 3 years ago and the relationship has allowed the business to grow over 10 fold. I've brought some other family members into the business and we now have 6 full time employees. We've got a lot of growth ahead of us and with the unlimited factoring line available through PFI will allow us to do it.

EVP - Recycling/Manufacturing
San Antonio TX

I have been in the staffing business for a number of years but limited capital was keeping me from growing. The companies that are my customers pay within 30 days but I have to pay my employees weekly and occasionally on a daily basis. I had some capital of my own when I started the business. My bank extended a credit line to me and this allowed further growth but I ran into the same wall but at a little higher level. Factoring invoices as they are generated has provided the cash to pay my employees, my insurance and make my tax deposits right on time. This has allowed my business to grow as fast as I can find customers and employees to send them.

RM - Staffing agency
San Antonio TX

I have a building maintenance company. I have to buy supplies and furnish some transportation but my big expense payroll. My ability to set up new accounts is limited to my being able to find the manpower to do the work. Even though I am DBE Certified and 8A Certified I can only bid on and get these jobs if I can find a way to pay my employees while I am waiting to get paid. Factoring was the answer. Now any time I have the opportunity to bid on a contract I can do so knowing that I will have the funds available to hire the people to man the job.

SSD - Building Maintenance
San Antonio TX

Thank you so much for the financial help that you have provided to ---------       ------------------- LLC.  Your factoring company has done exactly what it supposed to do for small businesses, that is provide working capital for fast-growing businesses whose needs are not met by the traditional banking community.  We appreciate the confidence in ---------------- ----------- LLC that you displayed initially and continue to display.

Without your financing, we would not have been able to start and finance the work that we are doing for Toyota and the work that we are doing for the Department of Veterans' Affairs.  We have wanted to expand our business for years like we are currently doing but did not have the access to capital to do so.  Our company does quality work.  We have a good product.  Your are helping us to expand our vision and accomplish our goals.  We knew that we could perform work for high profile corporate companies and the Government.  Now we are doing it and already these new customers are creating new business for us because of the exposure that we are receiving.

As the owner of ------------- -------------- LLC I want to sincerely thank you for being there for us and I look forward to expanding our relationship.  You have jump-started us at a time when we really needed it!

EGJ - President
San Antonio, TX

Three of us had considerable experience in a very specialized area of the staffing industry. We wanted to start our own agency but knew it would take a lot of capital to do so. We furnish Imaging Technicians to hospitals all over the country that need to fill vacancies for vacations or other reasons. Because the Techs are highly paid and because we have to pay transportation costs and living expenses while they are working our expenses can mount quickly. Although all of us had extensive experience we were still considered a start-up business. We could get cash advances on our credit cards but if the business grew as we anticipated then that would be exhausted pretty quickly. We not only had employee expenses to meet there were three of us who had to make a living out of the company so we had to grow to a certain point very quickly. We knew we could do it if we could get the financing. A friend suggested factoring and we contacted several factors in several cities and selected PFI. The fee structure was simple and reasonable. We found the Jauers to be accommodating and helpful. By furnishing capital, credit reports and collection assistance they were able to help us get to the point we needed to reach within 3 months. We then began to accumulate enough capital to finance our business ourselves and PFI eased the way to slowly discontinue factoring and become self-sufficient.

Austin, Texas

My company sets up Modular buildings used as offices on construction sites, temporary classrooms, specialized office buildings. We work directly for the companies that own and furnish the buildings. These jobs can take a week to months to complete and run from a few thousand to 10's of thousands of dollars to complete. It is not possible to predict when these will pop up or how many will come at a time.
The companies I work for usually pay in about 30 days but sometimes take much longer, particularly when they lose the invoices. On the big jobs they pay in increments but not until 30 days after I bill them. I have to furnish tools, trucks and, often, material. Of course, my guys and 941 Deposits have to be paid on Friday. I just could not run my business with out factoring.

Fort Worth TX

My company delivers modular and mobile homes by truck. The companies I haul for typically pay in about 30 or 40 days but my drivers are independent operators and I have to pay them at the completion of each haul. The advance I get from PFI pretty much covers my expenses and the reserve is my profit. I get an advance on all of my invoices once a week and a reserve settlement once a week so my cash flow stays pretty smooth. Even in big weeks I don't have much problem because the advance meet my expenses.
Factoring is the only way to go.

Round Rock TX

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