Factoring accounts receivable on an ongoing basis is beneficial in a number of ways:
  • Cash Flow - All sales can be turned into cash immediately.

  • Customer Screening - Credit and financial information can be made available to assist in evaluating customers.

  • Accounting - Agings, payment patterns, and collection reports better facilitate cash management.

  • Enhanced Payment Terms - Your prospective customers will be offered more liberal payment terms.

  • Increase Production/Sales - Grow without being impaired by a lack of capital.

  • Create new markets - Increased cash flow allows you to broaden your market.

  • No time requirements - You don't need to sign long-term contracts.

  • Enhance your credit - You can pay your creditors on time.

  • Take cash discounts - Offset factoring fees by taking the cash discounts offered by your suppliers.

  • Aggressive Growth - Freedom from cash flow limitations allows maximum effort to be placed on sales and production.

  • Nominal Cost - Fees are comparable to discounts offered for early payment

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